Why MALS at UD?

Small Seminars

​Every course in the University of Delaware MALS program is a small seminar style class.  Lively discussions and individual attention from faculty are hallmarks of the program. You learn from your classmates as well as your professors, and you form lasting relationships with both.


​The UD MALS program is designed specifically for returning adult students who want to earn their degree through part-time study.  Courses are offered in the evenings for the convenience of those who are working. Program staff and faculty are sensitive to the needs of students with busy lives with outside responsibilities.

Student Cohort

​An introductory course and core courses insure that MALS students at UD get to know each other well.  Combined with the relatively small size of the program and many extracurricular options, the outcome is a strong student cohort.  Many students mention forming lifelong friendships with their fellow students.

You Shape Your Program

​Beyond the introductory and core courses, students are free to shape their own MALS curriculum to pursue their passions.  Students can take courses outside the program to suit their own intellectual interests.

Career Possibilities

​The UD MALS program cultivates skills valued by employers, such as writing and presentation skills, critical thinking, problem solving and research abilities.  In addition, MALS students have access to all services of the UD Career Services Center.

UD’s Reputation

​When you get your MALS degree from the University of Delaware, you participate in UD’s long tradition of exceptional scholarship, research, teaching and service.  The University’s tradition of excellence traces its origins from 1743 to the nationally-ranked, research-intensive, technologically advanced institution of today.