• Patti Cleary

    Degree: 2016, MALS

    Job Title: Retired, Higher Education Publishing

  • Charles Conway

    Degree: 2019, MALS

    Job Title: Director of Education & Community Engagement, Delaware Theatre Company

  • Jim Culley

    Degree: 2022, MALS

    Job Title: Retired, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Hologic

  • Jeanille Gatta

    Degree: 2005, MALS

    Job Title: Leader, Market Access Enterprise Solutions

  • Dr. Guilermina Gonzalez

    Degree: 2009, MALS

    Job Title: Executive Director, Delaware Arts Council

  • Marianne Green

    Degree: 2002, MALS

    Job Title: Retired Career Counselor

  • Roger Morris

    Degree: 2021, MALS

    Job Title: Wine, Food and Culture Journalist

  • Michael Pifer

    Degree: 2018, MALS

    Job Title: Journalist

  • Cheryl Rice-Moore

    Degree: 2020, MALS

    Job Title: Accounts Payable Coordinator, Delaware Community Foundation

  • Jesse E. Johnson

    Degree: 2014, MALS

    Job Title: Department Chairperson, Social Sciences – Delaware Technical Community College

  • Michele Walfred

    Degree: 2014, MALS

    Job Title: Communications Specialist