Concurrently Earn a Certificate

Earning a Certificate and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Degree Concurrently

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program may wish to focus their course of study by earning a certificate concurrently with their MALS degree:

  • Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies 

Twelve credits (four courses) are required for the Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies. When you take the certificate concurrently with the MALS program, nine of those credits count toward MALS and only three credits are taken as overload.

  • Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement

The Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement is a 9 credit certificate. You can complete it completely concurrently with the MALS program. If a student’s thesis or project has a community engagement focus, the thesis/project credits can count toward the certificate.

  • Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

The Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation consists of 12 credits, two required three-credit courses and six credits of electives. Under the MALS/Historic Preservation option, nine credits of the certificate are accepted as electives in the MALS program and only three credits must be taken as overload for the MALS program.

  • Museum Studies Certificate Program

Four courses of three credits each (or twelve credit hours) are required for the Museum Studies  certificate. Under the MALS/Museum Studies option, three Museum Studies courses (or nine credits) are accepted as electives in the MALS program. MSST 804 – Museum Internship (3cr.) (350 hours), which is required for the Museum Studies Certificate, must be taken as overload for the MALS program.

  • Women and Gender Studies Certificate

The nine credit Women and Gender Studies Certificate can be taken entirely concurrently with the MALS program, with the exception of the non-credit degree milestone (the MALS thesis or project can serve as the milestone with approval).

​For details about these concurrent certificate options, contact the MALS director at 302-831-4130 or