Student-Alumni Association

The MALS Student-Alumni Association serves as a means for students and alumni of staying connected to the MALS program and to each other. Among other things, the Association disseminates information about UD programs and events of interest to its members, runs its own educational and social activities, and encourages increased enrollment in MALS. An annual dinner is a highlight.

All MALS students and alumni belong to the Association and are eligible to participate in its activities. There are no dues, and each member determines his/her level of active involvement.

The association is run by an executive board.  Current officers are:

President, Gerri Melascaglia, email:

Vice President, Jesse Johnson, email:


Gilda Capece-Jennings, email:

Charles Conway, email:

Jeanille Gatta, email:

Cynthia Hewitt, email:

Sally Milbury-Steen, email: