Degree: 2020, MALS

Job Title: Accounts Payable Coordinator, Delaware Community Foundation

“Participating in the MALS program has certainly opened up my whole being. I’m experiencing new information and some old information in new ways. There’s a lot that I thought I knew. I find that either I didn’t know it at all, or I know it differently. It has introduced me to a whole exploration in learning, and given me new possibilities. It also allows me to see that I haven’t lost it yet.

“I’m meeting some fantastic teachers and students too. As a matter of fact, I’m really saddened that some of them are graduating, and they’re leaving me.

“Classes in fifteenth-century English history, the study of modern museums and how the African-American story is portrayed, the understanding of film philosophically, and the craft of contemporary memoir have increased my growing process exponentially. These classes help us learn nuances that we might otherwise avoid, and also we learn to analyze and understand better what we think we know.  

“The MALS experience has helped me understand, more intensely, that my time and values are precious. Neither should be compromised or wasted, or spent in an environment that is unhealthy. Upon completion of this journey I plan to do something significant. While I could retire, instead I plan to work until eighty. 

“As a result of the MALS program, both involvement and engagement in my personal life has been almost a religious experience. I seek those that are deeper thinkers, and want to participate more globally with a wider reach. This approach has reduced my anxiety in decision-making, and I have become more thoughtful in conversations. It’s been wonderful, wonderful.”