Degree: 2014, MALS

Job Title: Department Chairperson, Social Sciences – Delaware Technical Community College

​Jesse is a recent graduate of the MALS program. Currently, he is the department chairperson for the social sciences department at Delaware Technical Community College. He also is in enrolled in UD’s Doctorate of Educational Leadership program (EdD).       

Jesse completed an associate degree at Delaware Tech, and then enlisted (2001) in the Delaware Air National Guard where he received training, useful experience and an educational benefit to further his education. Over the next several years, he cycled through semesters at school and deployments with the military. Although he served in interesting and exciting places like Turkey, Germany, England, and Alaska, he also served in Iraq. As a result of these deployments, his graduation from college was delayed until Spring 2006.       

During the last semester of his undergraduate studies, he was going through the hiring process to become a social science instructor at Delaware Tech. As a condition of hiring, he was to enroll in a master’s degree program within two years. After he began teaching psychology, sociology and American history, Jesse decided to pursue a degree program that would improve his knowledge and teaching in those subjects. Also, he had a colleague who was enrolled in the MALS program, and raved about instructors and course offerings. Upon hearing these recommendations, Jesse enrolled in two MALS courses as a continuing education student. He was hooked. 

 Jesse loved the opportunity to take classes that were fascinating and diverse. Regardless of the course, he always found a way to incorporate its content into his teaching. He also found fellow MALS classmates a significant benefit of the program. The rewarding and fascinating life experiences of the MALS students stimulated classroom discussions and added to the learning environment.

 He found professors in the MALS program to be some of the most accomplished and prestigious that the university offers. And since professors have the opportunity to develop courses that suit their interests and passions, MALS students become beneficiaries of each professor’s enthusiasm about the subject.          And finally, Jesse believes students who are interested in exploring ideas, being exposed to different worldviews, and cultivating their ability to think critically will find the MALS program offers that academic environment and so much more.