Degree: 2002, MALS

Job Title: Retired Career Counselor

“My bachelor’s degree was in English, though my career had moved in another direction. I really wanted the chance to go back to my humanities “roots” and continue the learning process. The MALS program seemed like the right choice.

The MALS program was an enriching and eye-opening experience that has piqued my interest in a variety of subjects. There were a number of ‘wow’ and ‘aha’ moments in just about every course I took…moments when I saw things in a new way or learned something that really made me think. With so much information overload today,  I found that the MALS classes helped me better understand the context of the facts and data in order to see the big picture more clearly.

“I feel so fortunate that the MALS program was available to me. Each course was both provocative and interesting. One of the lasting benefits has been the number of friends whom I met that continue to enhance my life.” 

Marianne Green is a 2002 graduate of the MALS Program. She pursued her master’s degree while serving as a Career Counselor at UD. She has a commitment to lifelong learning, especially in the humanities.