Degree: 2018, MALS

Job Title: Journalist

“I wanted to get a graduate degree at UD, and was considering art or art history, which I studied as an undergraduate. During campus meetings with administrators I was introduced to Liberal Studies and decided to apply. As a journalist, I consider academic research and writing at the graduate level applicable to my discipline.

 “The MALS program has given me added incentive to research and think through issues that are stimulating and important to me. It’s enlightening to see the preparation and attention MALS professors, who are drawn from various disciplines, put into their classes. I’m also impressed by the tenacity with which MALS students tackle their papers.   I appreciate the option to take classes in graduate programs other than Liberal Studies. As an older student it’s been challenging, humbling and rewarding to be able to engage in discourse with academically talented and accomplished twenty-something Ph.D. candidates.

“Also I’ve been fortunate to make many new friends here in the Newark area, both within and outside the academic community.”